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Latex Mattress Toppers Reviews

Sleep is very important for survival. Our body needs at least 8 hours of sleep each day to maintain its soundness. However, there are factors that may distract our rest such as the noise and the most common problem is with the mattress that we are lying on. This inconvenience can sometimes result to backache which we really don’t want to happen. Double check then if you are getting the right comfort nem cao su van thanh   from your mattresses which they must definitely provide.

Latex mattresses are the counterpart of those mattresses with springs underneath or in between. Mattresses with springs wear overtime and very hard on our back while latex mattresses can give us the comfort while sleeping or resting for you can choose between soft and firm latex mattresses. Whichever you prefer they both offer a haven of beautiful sleep.

Basically, there are two types of latex the natural and the synthetic one. These two mainly provides same comfort if included in mattresses but only differ when it comes to environment impact and durability. To start off, let us begin with the natural latex. Natural latex is extracted from trees (like maple tree) naturally. The saps of the trees are gathered and processed until they are formed into molded pieces of foam. After that they are inserted into the mattress frame. This process is known as the Talalay process. However, these all-natural latex foams have inconsistencies in spreading evenly. Because of this problem, mattress manufacturers have blended natural latex foam with synthetic ones to compensate such unevenness of material when spread on a mattress frame. This is the Dunlop procedure.

There you have the difference between natural and synthetic latex foam mattresses. Although the all-natural latex foam in mattresses has less impact on the environment come to thin k also that these substances are mainly derive from sap of tress which are renewable resources while all-synthetic latex mattresses have great impacts on nature. So, the best choice is to have it combined to lessen the impact of the latter. In fact, latex mattresses now are mostly available in a mixture of two latex foams. It is up to you now to identify which type of latex foam has great percentage component over the other. Latex mattresses not only provide a good sleep for they are naturally antibacterial. These are perfect for people with allergies and patients who spend so much time on bed. They can also last for many decades if properly used.


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