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Play Aggressive Chess Games And Win Against Titled Players – 3 Surefire Tricks To Improve At Chess

What do you do when you are paired against someone who is rated 200 points higher than you? Do you play an aggressive chess game? Or do you play passively and defend throughout the game?

For many improving chess players, the answer would be the latter. Perhaps they are thinking a draw is enough. Or maybe they trust their opponents more resulting in this ‘cowardly’ approach to playing chess.

Whatever the reason is, playing defensive just because you are against a stronger player is a HUGE mistake!

When you adopt this approach, you are begging to be crushed. Your opponent will have you by the neck and he will exploit your passivity by attacking and hammering you with every single move. I don’t know about you BUT being a human punching bag is not a fun way to play chess.

You must learn how to play aggressive chess to win against these stronger players. When he attacks, don’t cower at the corner. Punch back! When he makes a misstep, exploit it and attack him. Don’t just wait for a draw to be offered.

How To Play An Aggressive Chess Game – Tip 1

When he attacks you, say he threatens to capture your bishop or knight, instead of moving it to safety, look for bigger threats and counter-attacking blows!

You see, when you automatically retreat a piece instead of counter attack (when you have the chance), you are ceding the initiative to your stronger opponent. You are allowing him to dictate the tempo of the game.

Believe me, the initiative matters so much to these players. The ability to dictate the tempo of the game is something that they will sacrifice for. So why are you going to give it to them for free? Needless to say, you should also fight for the initiative.  visit

How To Play An Aggressive Chess Game – Tip 2

Play chess openings that give rise to aggressive chess!

No, I’m not saying that you must play dubious sacrificial openings. There are tried-and-tested openings that can lead to attacking positions Spanish Opening (Worral Attack), Benko Gambit, c3-Sicilian, Advance French Defense, and more.

These openings are solid theoretically and they a lot of opportunities for aggressive play.

How To Play An Aggressive Chess Game – Tip 3

Be confident of your offensive skills.

You may NOT be as talented as Alekhine, as good as Kasparov when it comes to calculation, or as intuitive as Tal. However, you need to trust your offensive skills because your opponent won’t. You only have yourself and whatever skills you have when you sit at the chess board.

To win against titled players, you need to play offensively!

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